Project Schedule

In an effort to limit the impact to commuters, residents and businesses at any given time, the South End Water Main (SWM) Improvement Project will be phased out in sections along South Blvd. Although the work is not taking place simultaneously, there will still be some overlap throughout the project. This overlap is detailed below and will be updated throughout the duration of the work.



In preparation for phase 9 of the SWM project, the team will move the traffic barrier walls through the intersection of Iverson Way, ending at the Atherton Lofts roadway entrance.

Phase 9 is expected to last approximately three months and will have the following traffic impacts:

  • The Iverson Way intersection at South Blvd. will be closed to vehicular traffic (vehicular traffic cannot crossover South Blvd.) There will be no access from Iverson Way to Camden Southline Apartments or The Shops at Southline.
  • A pedestrian crosswalk will remain open at all times at the Iverson Way intersection.
  • South Blvd. Southbound Traffic
    • No left turns onto Iverson Way
    • Right turn lane remains open into The Shops at Southline Apartments
    • Left turn allowed at Atherton St.
    • Right turn remains open into Atherton Lofts entrance roadway
  • South Blvd. Northbound Traffic
    • No left turn into Camden Southline Apartments or The Shops at Southline from the Iverson Way intersection
    • Right turn remains open onto Iverson Way
    • Left turn remains open into Atherton Lofts entrance roadway
Charlotte Water Phase 9

CLT Water reminds motorists and pedestrians in the area to observe posted traffic signage
and plan commutes accordingly during this time.

Project Schedule Phase 9


Summer 2020 – Fall 2020

Preliminary Field Investigation & Planning

  • Located underground utilities
  • Surveying
  • Geotechnical Investigations

Design & Permitting

  • Drawings developed for permits and construction

Sewer Rehabilitation Work

  • This includes the lining and repairing of the existing sewer lines within the same corridor of the new water line work